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Montreal Shooting

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The recent shooting in Montreal triggered a host of video that followed on multiple social media sites. This is a good reminder of how our own biases and perceptions can lead to speculations of what may or may not have happened and how video presented may not always be a clear or accurate representation of what it purports to be. For instance, the video that went viral following the recent shooting in Montreal was a perfect example of that. In the picture below, on the left, shows the background behind the delegates head as being a solid blue background. However, the picture on the right shows what speculators claim to be, a bullet hole where the delegates head was before she moved.

There is no way of discerning from the image whether the black dot behind the delegates head is an actual bullet hole or a possible burned out pixel in the camera without further examining the scene. Today, more than ever we are inundated with more video images from armatures and increasing public and private video systems, yet what we need to remember is that yes a picture can be worth a thousand words however a picture and or short video clip which usually only reflect a short snippet in time may be deceptive to our eyes compared to what the actual facts are.

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