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Video Hosting

SECURaGLOBE, powered by Iveda Solutions, utilizes a robust data center that is capable of hosting live and recorded video from IP-enabled security cameras, either network cameras or CCTV cameras digitally converted using a video server. This capability allows SECURaGLOBE, powered by Iveda Solutions, to offer real-time video monitoring, customer remote simultaneous access, and data archiving services, specifically for security applications.

Off-Site Video Hosting and Archiving

Recording and archiving of camera footage for a 7-day rolling period come free of charge for our hosting customers. For an additional minimal monthly fee, we can store video footage longer than 7 days.

Extra peace of mind is achieved as the hosting service adds redundancy for network video data in the event of hardware malfunction. It augments any on-site recording solution. Additionally, hosted storage solutions are scalable, customizable and totally secure.


If real-time video monitoring of your property is not necessary, but you would like for us to record and archive video footage, we can do it for you. Our customers get unlimited access to their cameras and archived video 24/7, and can even create their own video clips. There is no limit or time of use restrictions to access data. Our data center has redundant power, redundant storage, redundant bandwidth, and nearly unlimited data storage capacity, designed to fit your budget. Video data is 100% redundant at our data center, with secured transfer of valuable data.

Remote Access

Although cameras can be accessed directly, if there’s more than one person accessing the video, the quality deteriorates. The ability to host simultaneous users is directly related and limited to the available upload bandwidth at the customer’s facility. Iveda Solutions hosts video and allows multiple simultaneous users remote access via the Internet using a standard Web browser.

Basically, simultaneous users are sharing the bandwidth being utilized by that specific camera. Unless you have an in-house data center with abundant upload bandwidth, your site can only support one remote user at a time due to the size of video data.

With Iveda Solutions’ remote access option, your video is transmitted to the Iveda Solutions data center where it can be distributed to an almost unlimited number of users simultaneously. Multiple users accessing the same video will have the same user experience, limited only by that user’s Internet connection.

The Iveda Solutions data center can distribute live streaming video to multiple users at the same time.

Hosting and remote access services are ideal for public safety applications where multiple first responders may want to access certain cameras in the public domain for emergencies or criminal activities. It is also ideal for customers managing multiple locations. Our services allow the customer to view their cameras from various locations on one dashboard.

Real-Time Surveillance

Available at additional cost, Iveda Solutions provides remote, real-time surveillance of security cameras. When we say “real-time,” we mean it. Our remote surveillance facility is operational 24/7 and houses our highly trained intervention specialists who monitor our customers’ properties at any time they specify. We don’t wait for an alarm to be triggered before we log on to our customers’ cameras and assess the situation. Using sophisticated software, our intervention specialists are always there as events unfold and they can act accordingly on our customers’ behalf.

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