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SpotCheck – Random Remote Visual Inspections

Using your existing camera system (e.g., CCTV, DVR,NVR), have us check up on your property. SpotCheck provides random remote visual inspections every hour for your non-critical surveillance needs.

Utilizing the same IP infrastructure we use for our premium “Real-Time Video Surveillance” service, SpotCheck provides the same service a physical security guard drive-by-patrol service provides plus more, at a fraction of the cost.

What You Get:


Service Transparency

The Daily Surveillance Report we send our customers every morning is our proof of performance to our customers. The report they get includes snapshots of camera views with descriptions whenever we check up on their property.

Live Intervention

Our intervention specialists are trained to coordinate with the police in cases of criminal activities on our customers’ property.

Cost Effective

SpotCheck gives our customers a flat, monthly rate which is significantly lower than what security guard companies charge for randomly inspecting your property,once or twice per night. And we do it every hour!

Reliable and Secure Video Data Transmission

You can be assured that your video is secure because your video data is processed through our Tier-4 data center with redundant power and abundant bandwidth.

SpotCheck Advantages

  • Real-Time Surveillance, NOT Alarm-Triggered
  • Human Analytics NOT Software Analytics
  • State-of-the-Art Remote Surveillance Center, NOT Surveillance from a Trailer
  • IP-Infrastructure NOT Banks of Modems
  • Department of Homeland Security Stamp of Approval

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