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Real-Time Surveillance

SECURaGLOBE, powered by Iveda Solutions, provides remote, real-time surveillance of security cameras. When we say “real-time,” we mean it. The remote surveillance facility is operational 24/7 and houses highly trained intervention specialists who monitor our customers’ properties at any time they specify. We don’t wait for an alarm to be triggered before we log on to our customers’ cameras and assess the situation. Using sophisticated software, our intervention specialists are always there as events unfold and they can act accordingly on our customers’ behalf.


24-hour remote surveillance facility is the nerve center of our unique IP-enabled service. How does it work? Video data from a camera at a customer site is transmitted via the Internet to Iveda Solutions’ data center, where the data is hosted, processed, and stored. Video data is then instantaneously transmitted to our remote surveillance facility via a massive Internet pipe between the data center and our remote surveillance facility. This is where our highly trained intervention specialists are housed, and employ a sophisticated camera management system to assist them in efficiently and effectively monitoring the customer cameras assigned to them. During their shift, aside from monitoring, they take snapshots of events and store them in our proprietary reporting system. At the end of their shift, they generate a daily surveillance report (DSR) consisting of time-stamped snapshots of events along with detailed descriptions, and email the DSR to each customer.

The DSR not only provides proof to our customers that their properties are being protected from any criminal activity while they’re asleep, but it keeps them abreast of the kinds of activities happening on their properties while they are away.

Any camera may be accessed via the Internet, but only Iveda Solutions allows our customers to have multiple simultaneous access to their cameras,without degradation of video quality. This is made possible by the IP infrastructure Iveda Solutions built using a data center with redundant power and massive bandwidth.

Remote Surveillance Center Offers:

  • Operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Specially trained intervention specialists
  • Live visual verification
  • Continuous auto PTZ camera patrolling
  • Full incident escalation to the police and key holder in compliance with customer’s security protocol
  • Instantaneous visual link via email to police
  • Immediate notification of serious incidents to customers
  • Full audit trail including date- and time-stamped images of incidents
  • Video for evidence in court
  • Regularly updated site details

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