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CCTV Optimization

What is CCTV Optimization?

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Optimization is a service that SECURaGLOBE offers to help its clients get the most out of their current security camera systems. With CCTV optimization, any existing security camera system can be optimized to produce court quality video without the need of a complete system replacement. Any security camera system can produce court quality video if the person who is working on the system is well versed in the proper application and limitations of any camera system and has a clear understanding of the rules of evidence. By assessing site specific requirements with existing camera systems, adjustments can be made to increase the quality and coverage area. This is what SECURaGLOBE can provide to its clients.

HOW CCTV Optimization Works?

By optimizing your existing camera system SECURaGLOBE’s trained experts will:

• Ensure the cameras are cleaned

• Ensure the camera’s field of view is adjusted and maximized for image quality and area of coverage

• Reposition the cameras that are not currently able to deliver court quality video from their original install and ensure that the recorder is set to capture the best possible quality image available

• Conduct a detailed site evaluation with the clients to identify additional vulnerabilities that are not adequately covered at the moment

• Present a strategy on how to best address these vulnerabilities that will meet and exceed the court quality video expectations you deserve.

Benefits Of CCTV Optimization?

SECURaGLOBE’s CCTV optimization service optimizes your existing camera system. Our trained experts work with you to point out the current limitation of you existing system. As well, with the CCTV optimization service our certified experts will plan out a cost effective solution to upgrading your system to meet your expectations. CCTV optimization allows you to obtain high quality video footage that can be used as proper evidence in court, without having to replace your current security system.

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