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Strike Avoidance

What is Strike Avoidance?

At SECURaGLOBE, we believe that proper planning and preparation are the foundation of any good business. Having a clear plan of action allows any company to obtain the best possible results for their stakeholders. Strike avoidance is a strategy that can be used to help businesses avoid the possibility of a strike occurring in their workplace. Strike avoidance is about having the right strategies in place at any given time.


4 Key Points of Strike Avoidance

SECURaGLOBE’s strike avoidance services, provides fundamental tools needed to avoid any unnecessary work stoppages.

  • Security Optimization: Leveraging and optimizing your existing security cameras and existing guard services will not only help protect your employees today, but it will also help protect the employees and minimize any additional security costs should a work stoppage occur.
  • Business Continuity: Ensuring that before, during, and after, the business does not suffer catastrophic losses from any works stoppage.
  • Contingency Planning: Should a work stoppage occur, policies and procedures are put in place to continue daily operations.
  • Address certain issues that may arise during the negotiation process that may impact the negotiation process.

SECURaGLOBE’s strike avoidance services will provide you with a site specific threat risk assessment associated with a work stoppage as well as provide you with the optimization of existing site security and equipment such as access controls and security cameras.

Benefits of Strike Avoidance

Strike avoidance is a beneficial strategy for any company. SECURaGLOBE’s strike avoidance services will provide you with the proper training and preparation to deal with the intricacies of a strike, should one ever arise. Trying to foresee every form of business interruption can be an enormous task that is daunting for any one, but with our strike avoidance services, you will be prepared to handle the delicate issues of a strike before it ever occurs.

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