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Strike Security

Statistics show that between 92 and 96 percent of union contract negotiations end in a settlement. However, this missing 4 to 8 percent means that every employer with a unionized workforce faces the possibility of a strike. SECURaGLOBE’s strike security services can help you to develop strategies in strike avoidance and strike readiness which can help prevent your organization from experiencing losses of revenue, market share, just-in-time contracts, perishable inventories and potentially much more.

Organizations today are being held accountable for their own actions and the actions of the people and/or companies they hire. A strong commitment must be provided from all suppliers to uphold the laws, protect all personnel and maintain or enhance community expectations. We believe that companies need to demonstrate due diligence. This is why we developed our strike security services.

Our strike security services will have our certified experts ensure optimal use of your existing cameras and security system to provide your organization with enhanced security in the event that a strike should happen. Our services will continue to provide value after any strike and will reduce the security requirements during the strike.

Strike Avoidance

At SECURaGLOBE, we believe that proper planning and preparation are the foundation of any good business. Having a clear plan of action allows any company to obtain the best possible results for their stakeholders. Strike avoidance is about having the right strategies in place that will help you avoid the possibility of a strike. Our strike avoidance services will offer you:

  • A site specific threat risk assessment associated with a work stoppage
  • Optimization of existing site security equipment such as access controls and security cameras
  • Strike avoidance training that will teach effective communication, conflict resolution and crowd management.

Strike Readiness

By leveraging your existing security personnel and equipment, and designing and implementing rapid deployment strategies, SECURaGLOBE’s strike readiness services will significantly enhance your security while reducing the costs associated with the traditional deployment of a strike security team. Our strike readiness services will offer you:

  • A full strike readiness checklist plan
  • Complete vendor agnostic readiness security recommendations and estimated daily costs
  • Access to picket line monitoring rapid deployment kits that will monitor picket lines 24/7, 365 and can be securely viewed remotely from anywhere
  • Video analytics, virtual guard services and more!

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