SECURaGLOBE Can Protect Your People, Property and Information.

SECURaGLOBE makes protecting your people, property and information easy! Our team consists of Certified Professionals who cover the entire security spectrum from investigations, labor contingency, guarding, fraud, forensics and training to electronic security measures.

SECURaGLOBE’s unique business model, Virtual Security Director (VSD®), delivers customized security and investigative solutions that are infinitely scalable in size and scope to protect your people, property and information at a fraction of the cost of comparable in-house resources.

We accomplish this by assessing and evaluating your security needs, developing proper security solutions tailored for your organization, preparing contingency plans, and reducing the corporation’s vulnerability to potential losses.


What is VSD®?

VSD® is like having a full time Security Director within your organization that is capable of handling some/all security matters without incurring the related salary and overhead expenses. VSD® provides access to a wide range of security experts covering a broad spectrum of security and legislative matters, all in one program.


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